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The third LEAD Transnational Partner Meeting took place in Wroclaw at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business - WUEB from 1 to 2 December 2022. The event was hosted by WUEB and was attended by representatives from all partner organizations – Budapest Business School, University Paris Nanterre, Tallinn University of Technology, Portuguese Catholic University, CEPOR – SMEs & Entrepreneurship Policy Centre, and ADINVEST Europe.

Discussion topics on the first day of the meeting included topics related to the main intellectual outputs of the project - Comparative Study, Practical Handbook and Training Materials. Since the Comparative Study, as the first result of the project, has been completed, further publication possibilities were discussed. Compiling the Practical Handbook, as the second project outcome, was emphasized during the meeting. A summary of the finalization plans has been made based on the content created for the Handbook by the partners. Special attention was also given to developing the Training Materials as the third project result. This part of the meeting focused on the structure of the Training Materials and how different approaches - face-to-face and e-learning could be implemented. Finally, the first day of the meeting ended with a discussion about the upcoming pilot training planned for the period October - December 2023. As part of the second day of the meeting, the main dissemination activities, tools and channels developed during the project's first year were presented and discussed. Moreover, the results of the questionnaires and issues related to quality assurance and monitoring were also presented. The last points discussed during the meeting were general project management, administrative and financial issues, timeframes for agreed project activities, and the upcoming partner meetings in 2023.




Dr. Péter Soltész and László Varga
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