LEarning And Development project for Micro and Small Enterprises, the LEAD MSE project supported by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.

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On the 22nd of April, a pilot training of students and SME entrepreneurs (altogether 25 people) took place at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech). The pilot was led by Prof. Wolfgang Gerstlberger and co-instructed by Tarmo Tuisk. The module that was piloted was chosen by the instructors “Paths of Organisational Growth.” Previously all participants were encouraged to pass the module in e-Learning format to ease and facilitate their learning processes during the face-to-face training. 17 students had worked on e-Learning modules and 15 entrepreneur-professionals did so. Altogether there were 17 student participants and 7 SME participants in the classroom. 

 TalTech Pilot1

At the beginning of the training the overview was given about the LEAD project and then the prepared modules and their testing needs were explained. An introduction about Organizational Growth and learning objectives was given. As the next step Greiner model of Growth and the Life Cycle model of Quinn and Cameron were elaborated, and case studies investigated. The learning process was facilitated by exercises and smaller tasks like quizzes. During the lunch break informal discussions and networking took place. At the end of the day learned materials were summarised and participants’ reflections were asked. Overall, both students and SME entrepreneurs were thankful. While students were more listening and participating in theoretical discussions for entrepreneurs the practical usability of learning materials was much more important. All participants were encouraged to download the handbook as a practical tool that will facilitate their individual learning continuation after the end of the pilot course.


TalTech Pilot2





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