LEarning And Development project for Micro and Small Enterprises, the LEAD MSE project supported by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.

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On the 10th of October, 2023, at TEHNOPOL Saturn premises, members of the Sustainable Value Chain Unit from the Department of Business Administration organized a training workshop titled "Propel Your Business to Global Success". This event, part of the Erasmus+ project named LEAD, was designed to guide startups and small to medium-sized Estonian enterprises (SMEs) in their pursuit of international growth. 

Under the expert guidance of Evelyn Soidla (EP Consulting), an experienced business coach, and business advisor Patrick Gerber (EP Consulting), the workshop sought to give the participants practical knowledge and effective strategies. The end goal was to ensure that these companies can navigate the intricacies of expanding into foreign markets with confidence and precision. At the kickoff of the workshop, Evelyn and Patrick presented the foundational concepts of the LEAD project. A vivid picture of the participants’ goals unfolded - ranging from a desire to break into European and South American markets to coping with technical challenges, or simply developing a broader growth strategy. 


The Greiner model - a crucial concept for understanding the growth phases of companies - was thoroughly explored. Participants actively discussed and learned on which phase their respective companies aligned with. A key takeaway from the workshop was the realization that real-world scenarios often diverge from theoretical models, implying that a company might simultaneously experience multiple growth phases. Diving further into the topic, participants had the opportunity to dissect various case studies, engage in interactive discussions, and reflect upon their specific challenges. The outcome brought concrete insights on navigating growth challenges, tailored feedback, and applicable strategies to drive success.

Participant testimonials from the workshop underscore its transformative impact:

"Even if your company is mature enough, you can still face issues similar to startups".

"Facing a crisis is a natural part of growth, it simply indicates what comes next."

"The Greiner framework offers clarity, paving the way for structured growth."

In summary, the "Propel Your Business to Global Success" workshop was undeniably beneficial and successful. The 19 driven representatives from various Estonian businesses left the event with a renewed perspective and a clear plan for their companies' next steps. To ensure continued support and interest, invitations for upcoming workshops and sessions will be extended on a personalized basis, as the aim of merging academic theory with practical application remains predominant.




Dr. Péter Soltész and László Varga
BBS - Budapest Business School
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