LEarning And Development project for Micro and Small Enterprises, the LEAD MSE project supported by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.

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Founded in 1918, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), the only technological university in Estonia, is the flagship of Estonian engineering, technology and management education.

Here the synergy between different fields (technological, natural, exact, economic and health sciences) is created and new ideas are born. TalTech is to become one of the leading technological universities in the Baltic Sea region.

TalTech university

The University’s approximately 70,000 alumni have shaped the economic landscape of present-day Estonia.

TalTech is a university, which by relying on academic competencies and professional management, responds actively to the needs of the rapidly developing society and is involved in tackling the challenges of the digital era.

TalTech offers its students exciting student and cultural life with excellent accommodation and sporting opportunities. The TalTech campus is also a home to more than 200 high-tech companies (e.g. Skype, Starship Technologies).

TalTech is in charge of nurturing the next generation of engineers and advancing engineering culture in Estonia, contributing to the sustainable development of the society and increased national prosperity with its innovative services. 

TalTech’s School of Business and Governance, being responsible of entrepreneurship education and business development for all study programmes, is also an active participant of European programs Erasmus+, especially in Capacity Building Projects in the field of higher education and Erasmus+ Mobility Projects.

TalTech has more than 10,800 students (from 94 countries), 86 study programmes, 128 professors, and 1,847 employees in total.

TalTech contacts for the LEAD MSE project:
TalTech website: www.taltech.ee 
Prof. Dr. Gunnar Prause Gunnar, Prause [-at-] taltech, ee


Dr. Péter Soltész and László Varga
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