LEarning And Development project for Micro and Small Enterprises, the LEAD MSE project supported by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.

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On 26 April 2024, the LEAD (LEarning And Development in micro- and small enterprises) project was tested with small and medium-sized enterprises. LEAD is one of the ERASMUS+ Cooperation Partnership project. The project involves four universities (UPN, UCP, WUEB, TalTech, in addition to BGE) and two professional advisory organizations (CEPOR, Mac-Team).

The pilot training aims to assess the e-learning curriculum for the "Managing and Developing Human Resources in Micro- and Small Companies" e-course. This e-learning program is highly recommended for small and medium-sized business owners, as well as individuals working in universities and other organizations. We believe that the dual target group (MSE owners) will greatly benefit from the project and its outcomes by acquiring essential methodological and social competencies that promote both individual and collective learning at the company level. The training was conducted by Gábor Réthi, PhD project manager, and Edina Nikolettiné Virág, a university lecturer.”

BBU pilot


Dr. Péter Soltész and László Varga
BBS - Budapest Business School
29-31 Markó Street,
H-1055 Budapest, Hungary